the touchstones series: The Universe.

Back in March I wrote what I call “touchstones” for several major arcana – trump – cards of the tarot deck, and have been allowing people to draw one to keep as a message for the day or a meditation on an aspect of our Selves.. (I use the Thoth deck, amazing and powerful stuff, that!) They’re my own words, one interpretation of the cards’ essences.  I’m posting them here, one at a time, as I add them to the  “touchstones”  page, along with a photo of the corresponding card from a version of my deck.

Please do feel free to share the text or link back to here – as long as you include this credit:  © Kathleen McGloin 2014


XXI. UNIVERSE. The Universe.
Full circle. Completion of the Fool’s journey.
the knowing that all was already present –
existing all-at-once.
return from “the great forgetting”
to “the great remembering”.
completeness, wholeness.
ALL is part of the Universe. ALL is Sacred.
sorrows have transformed into joys of Be-ing.
new journeys to anticipate ~ next level!
the Fool has transformed, and yet remains the wisest
– child-of-the-Universe –
for the Fool knows the journey begins again.
all is well, all is as it should be.
{see also: square four, baby!}

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