this Fortune: needs a bigger cookie

Wheel of Fortune. the Chance belongs to You.

are you ready? what you’ve been wanting, and the changes that bring it, have arrived.  

The time to  accept that chance would be Now.

X. FORTUNE. Wheel of Fortune.

good news: this ain’t “the fates”!

You’ve got this.. it’s been in your hands all along.

(forget what you’ve been told!)

You placed all on the wheel, yourself ~

however it lands, is a path of your choosing.

“bespoke.” (wink!) just for you.

direction.. a turning toward the as-yet-unknown.

a caveat: you may not recall putting it on there.

hope you like surprises! let them be “delicious”.

another in the “touchstones series”

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 © Kathleen McGloin 2014-2015

do be a Fool, you!

laugh if you like (early and often!) – the Fool knows a thing or two.. O. FOOL.  The Fool. Forward!  with only Courage + Wits about you, the unmolded clay, the beginner’s mind. not a “foolish” one, yet not afraid to “appear foolish”. (what is that, but a judgment, anyway?) wisdom of innocence and courageous-ness […]