are you actually, oh.. negative?

the universe winks at you ;-)
you are!
I’ve got what I call my “O-Negative” theory of relationships.  It can apply to all types of relationships and friendships, but it’s especially about the one-on-ones. The luurve. 😉

The theory applies to certain people.

While I’ve been seeing folks in person this spring for readings at the Festival, it’s been coming up for a lot of dear souls.  And not in an “I have a hammer so everything is a nail” way  – more in an “oh, yes, that’s me, too!” way.

If you’re one, this may come as a relief or a revelation, or both.

Here’s how it goes:

People with the O-negative blood type are universal donors, so they can give to anyone.  And they can only receive back from other O-negatives.  You may already know this part.

Now, take the concept of relating – truly, deeply connecting with another being – and look at it through this lens.  (You can see where this is going.)  In this scenario, you’re the O-negative one, and if it applies to you, you likely knew it – felt it – instantly.

The other O-negatives out there may be further apart and fewer in number, but when there’s a match?  Yes.  It’s just the right one you need.  For them, too.

Others who may not be that particular match –  who may be an A, or B, or AB, or so forth – still have so many wonderful things to share back, and there is always the fulfillment of sharing something we have to give .. in lifting others we are lifted, too.

They get to be off the hook for not having a certain ‘something’ you require.  It really is just what it is.

And you get to be off the hook, too, for wondering why you could know so much and “get” people so well, and know yourself more every day, and still not – or very rarely – be met and seen right where you are, as you are.

You get to know that this elusive conundrum is not (never was) a certain ‘something’ you needed to figure out and get right, and just.. couldn’t.

Pretty cool, huh?

I see you, oh negative one ❤


{special thanks to Sheryl, who helped me articulate this by listening and reflecting back about it.  A lot. 😉  }

on being here, now: the drop of water and the snowflake.

{brought forward from a couple years ago, fresh and new.. a reminder that where I am now ~ is the only place I need be..}


drops of water – transitioning – their form

the single drop of water

does not in the summer say
“i must form myself into a perfect snowflake,
define my edges and my shape.”

it does not think
“i need to get myself up into the air, into a cloud – any cloud – and go there”

the snowflake that exists in the drop of water already knows

the truth of its own self
the truth of perfect – right –  timing, too..

of the convergence of elements
of the rising up of all the other drops of water,
the movement toward the place where it will be released
to float gently toward its new place on the earth.

the single snowflake does not in the winter say
“a perfect drop of water i must become..”

never-ending sunrise, never-ending sunset

is the fact and truth reflected by the Moon in full eclipse.

CREDIT: Dean Hooper via Virtual Telescope Project
CREDIT: Dean Hooper via Virtual Telescope Project

~That~ is what the glow is.  Really.  All of the sunrises and sunsets happening on our planet, never visible to us in this way from where we stand.. except when we can see the light reflected back to us, deflected and filtered for a few hours. (And even if we can’t see it, for clouds or daylight, we can know – because, evidence! – it’s there.)

For the Moon – thanks for what you are for us here on Earth, and special thanks for the reflected glimpses and reminders tonight. (of course you’re compelled by gravity and trajectory.. and thanks all the same!)

For us, this – bringing forward one of my touchstones, about the Moon that dwells inside:


XVIII. MOON. The Moon.

reflector of light, shifter of tides.

esoterica, you are the mysteries, traveling into shadows

to discover treasures long held,

awaiting your arrival.

dreams, subconscious, hopes-and-fears.

an initiate into sacred rites uniquely your own.

following a trail left by those who’ve gone before –

you can see now your eyes have adjusted

to a different – reflected – light.

willingness to see into Shadow, walk through

discomfort.. you know it is the way to the next,

to the other side. linger if you wish, for

the light *always* returns. tide always shifts.

move with Awareness – this is a chosen journey!