hey, I’m just here to help!”

(I wear a metaphorical t-shirt that says that. Or it’s stamped on my forehead. Either way, I’m available for weddings, roadside assistance, general construction and random “it-needs-MacGuyvering” help. Hat tip to dear sister-friends B. & E., because they noticed I always just sorta show up when something needs doing, or fixing, or requires an obscure bit of hardware that I happen to have with me.)

I’m continuing to make this site my real-and-steady online home, so here’s a short version of “about”, since you likely clicked here to get some info:

I’ve been an intuitive reader for 27+ years. Tarot cards are my method-and-tool of choice – wonderful for the way they mirror and metaphor our lives; also, lovely to look at. (I use the Thoth deck for readings, as do the other members of my family who read.)
I’m a Martha Beck-trained life coach. (check her out. über smart, way funny. she. groks. it.) Working toward certification in her method.
I’m a craftsperson of many trades, and was a traveling one for about 12 years, ’93-’05. (Renaissance festivals. Learned a lot. Georgia is my home fair and the only one I still do for a few weekends per year; also: Colorado, New York [Tuxedo], Florida [Sarasota & Bay Area], Minnesota, Ohio, Arizona.)
For now, while asteroids are passing by..
To contact me:
email (good way) kathleen.mcgloin@gmail.com
Facebook (also good, and please do tell me where we’ve met so I’ll friend you) kathleenmcgloin

OR – you can go and click on the header at the top of this page that says “intuitive work.”
you’ll find a great little contact form there, easy-peasy. Fill it out and we’ll be in touch with each other quite soon.

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