intuitive work.

*******  Spring 2019 I’ll be available for readings Saturdays and Sundays, April 13th through June 2nd, plus Memorial Day Monday, at the Georgia Renaissance Festival ~ go to the “Visions” booth near the King’s Hall stage. [ for info + directions ;-)] ******

Please do drop me a line in the contact form below if you’ll be coming out – I’d love to see you!

I’ve been an intuitive reader for 29+ years. Tarot cards are my method-and-tool of choice – wonderful for the way they mirror and metaphor our lives; also, lovely to look at. (I use the Thoth deck for readings, as do the other members of my family who read.)  If I get to see you in person, we can take a look at your palms for a hand reading, too!

You’re here because we’ve met, talked, connected.
Seen and been seen.

You’re remembering who you are. (So am I.)


While I play around with the best ways of doing this (fun with systems!) getting in touch with me via the form below, via email, or on Facebook is how we’ll go.  I trust that everything will flow exactly as it needs to, timing and all.

There are a few ways you can get an intuitive reading with me:  in-person, either privately or at the Renaissance Festival (quick-yet-thorough); via email or by phone.

Email readings  are a convenient way to do a quick check-in with the cards when you’re needing a broader view on something you’re in the middle of, and a full reading isn’t what is called for.  No appointment necessary!

Phone readings will have a recording available (if you wish.)  I will send you a picture of your cards before or during your reading, so you may follow along as we go and refer to it later.


A private in-person reading is $75 for a session; a session generally goes an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.

I can travel to you (there is a small traveling fee outside Cobb County / NW Atlanta) or, if you wish, we can arrange to meet at Illusions Gallery in Smyrna (my family’s business) on a weekday evening. *Please note – for your peace of mind, and my own, we MUST have either already met in person or have a get-acquainted conversation on the phone before I come to read for you at a private location. Thanks for understanding!

Parties or groups: please contact me via the form below, and give me details about your event and a way to contact you; I’ll get back to you within 24-36 hours. Pricing will either be by the hour or by number of people to be read; we’ll tailor to suit your needs.

Email readings:  I have a few offerings for email readings ranging $20-$30. Go here for more info and to purchase:  “get a reading.”

Phone readings: offerings for phone readings range from $25 – $80.  Please contact me via the form below with three weekday or weekday evening times you’d prefer and I will get back to you within 24-36 hours to set up the next steps. [I’ll have an availability calendar posted soon to make this a bit faster.]  I’m in the Eastern time zone, please let me know where you are!  You can also go here for more info on the different types of readings: “get a reading.”


All card readings are with the Thoth deck.  Your trust is sacred to me, and so all of your personal information remains confidential and what we discuss is held in strictest confidence. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Best to you! be well –
with gratitude, Kathleen

Kathleen McGloin

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