Email Readings.


This is the page where you’ll find out more about getting an Email Reading and specific pricing. Please do use the contact form below for any-and-all questions you may have.
Check the Get A Reading page for an intro about readings and how I work, or hop on over to the Intuitive Work page  to find out more about when and  where I’ll be reading, plus info for in-person (private) readings or parties.

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EMAIL READINGS  are a convenient way to do a quick check-in with the cards when you’re needing a broader view on something you’re in the middle of, and a full reading isn’t what is called for.  No appointment necessary!

Send me your information via the form below, including: name, date of birth, either a detailed question or a specific area of your life you want illuminated,  and your email address.  Please indicate whether you prefer a written or recorded (audio) format.

Once payment is received via the Purchase buttons below,  you’ll have your reading within 48 hours, and it’ll include a photo of your cards, too.

  • 3-4 card email reading:  $20   I’m currently honing my skills with the email (written or audio recording) delivery format –  Go here for the current special $15 price.  Direct and to-the-point – plenty of insight and an answer to “what wants to be seen, by me, right now?” to get you on to your next step.


  • 5-card email reading:  $25   paypal purchase 2 xsm super-useful 5-card spread I’ve been playing with, based on a layout in Arthur Rosengarten’s “Tarot and Psychology.”  Great for “how to proceed” queries, including clues to known and unknown factors, as well as what’s helping and hindering.


  • 7-card Ellipse:  $25   paypal purchase 2 xsm  (**please note – this reading is available as a audio recording only – there’s a lot of info packed in!) ~ The layout I use above all others for in-person readings, this one has a little bit of everything.. it’s a single-topic layout featuring a bit of past-present-future  insight, a look into into conscious and subconscious elements at play, as well as a view into what’s affecting you from the outside. (And, a little secret: it’s actually 8 cards, with a significator in the center πŸ˜‰ )


  • 9-card “Decision-Making Process” email reading: $30  paypal purchase 2 xsm   a specific reading with a specific purpose:  3 cards for each of two potential directions or choices already known to you, and then 3 cards for an as-yet-unknown possibility.  Super-helpy, this one is!


*If you can’t decide if one of these formats is what you’re looking for – no worries!  Choose and purchase the 5-card or 7-card option, ask a question or tell me the topic of your inquiry, and I’ll lay the cards out how they want to go.  We’ll keep it simple but thorough.

All card readings are with the Thoth deck.  Your trust is sacred to me, and so all of your personal information remains confidential and what we discuss is held in strictest confidence. 

with appreciation ~ Kathleen


If you came here because of intuitive work (reading) we’ve already done together, or you’d like to inquire about it, please drop me a line below. If we met in person (at Festival, MBI Summit, or by happy-happenstance!) please tell me when and an identifying detail or two – I’ll remember you. (Details, no, maybe not – but you, yes.)  Already looking forward to talking to you again!