CLASS: Learning the Fool’s~Play

do be a Fool, you!
do be a Fool, you!

*** This is a description of a class that took place in May of 2015.  I’m in the process (in Spring 2017) of doing a new recording of the material to go along with the worksheet, and it’ll be stand-alone for self-study.  I’ll also be doing another live teleclass workshop (playshop!) to explore the material this spring.  If you’d like to receive the beta-test class recording and worksheet and receive notification of the new stuff, drop me a line in the form below and I’ll send you the link. (Gratis. On the house 😉 )


Have a deck of tarot (or oracle or divination) cards, and just don’t know where – or how – to start with them?
Is a sense of ‘the big unknown’ (or the idea that you “don’t know enough”) keeping you out at the edge, hesitant, even when you feel something delicious drawing you in?

LEARNING the FOOL’S~PLAY: Laying the Foundation for a Practice with Your Cards  is a teleclass/ experiential workshop (playshop!) designed to show you how to form your own personal practice with your cards, as a tool to help you to connect deeply with your own intuition (yes, you’ve got it!) and allow your own knowing and your own answers to come forth naturally.

The Fool in the tarot deck is the master-become-the-student again, taking a first step forward into the unknown – gaining confidence in the doing!

I’m offering a beta-test version of this class on Thursday, May 28th at 12 pm EDT – I’m making it super-easy to afford, only $15, so I can try it out and discover what works and what you’d like to learn.

If you’re all ready to join now – click here to sign up: 

(** Class was recorded for folks who couldn’t make it live, and to have for later reference.)

Class plan:

I. Begin.

  • Laying the groundwork: why centering, getting grounded, and setting good boundaries are so essential (and useful!) You’ll see where you likely already have routines + rituals for this in place, and we’ll talk simple and practical techniques you can use right away.
  • Creating the space: Intentions. Setting the tone and knowing the “why” of doing this practice each time, going in.. and when it’s good to leave it for another day.

II. The Part of Questions.

  • We’ll talk about why and how a good question, the right question, will bring you nearly all the way there even before you pull a card ~ and allow for ‘what wants to come forth’ in a truly effective way.
  • We’ll spend time exploring common questions and turning them into meaningful conduits (and we’ll look at why certain questions, like “yes/no,” just don’t work.)
  • PLUS – I’ll share one real mind-blower that can change everything. For good.

III. Now, The Cards.

  • Here’s where you’ll be developing or enhancing your relationship with your cards. Hint: they’re friends, ready to assist, and they will always meet you exactly where you are.
  • You’ll get simple starting-out (or starting-again) practices you can incorporate as-is, or modify to suit you. We’ll actually be pulling a card or two here and doing a couple of exercises with a bit of writing.

IV. Completion and Gratitude.

  • Arriving at a finishing point, acknowledging, and calling it “done.”
  • The part of “Thank You.” (this includes You!)

V. Questions (again!) – this time, you ask the burning ones as they’re coming up! We’ll have the last 15-20 minutes or so for Q+A, and I’ll tell you how to send feedback and ask any further questions that arise later so they can be answered in our follow-up notes.

COST: $15 beta-test price (this is a new offering, so you get a super-low price and the opportunity to help in the making of this class with your honest feedback and opinions!)

WHEN: Thursday, May 28, 2015 at Noon Eastern (11 a.m. Central/ 10 a.m. Mountain/ 9 a.m. Pacific)

90-minute call (70-minute class and about 15-20 minute Q+A at the end.)

**This class was recorded.  Please see the note at the top of the page, and then drop me a line below, if you wish to get the materials from the beta class and receive notification of new material.  

HOW: Click here to register and make your payment: 

After you register, you’ll be taken to a welcome page with call-in instructions and a short list of what you’ll need for class. (If you don’t get this info, email me or use the form below and I’ll get it to you.)

You’ll receive a PDF via email a few days before we meet. (*if you haven’t got a deck of cards – yet – that’s fine, there will be some pointers after signing up to help you either choose a deck or have access to some online before class rolls around.)


You will receive access to the live class, a PDF outline / worksheet to follow, the class recording within 24 hours after, and a page of follow-up notes and answers to additional questions.

You’ll come away with a strong foundation of best practices and helpful tools for using your tarot, oracle or divination cards for self-knowledge + discovery, and confidence in your own abilities to connect with your intuition and inner guidance. (You’ll do a reading for yourself during the class!) You’ll be able to expand this practice in any direction you wish – and if that includes reading for others, this is an excellent place to start!

** Please Note: this is not a class to teach you how to read tarot cards (that’s a different and specialized topic) – there’s a wealth of info available out there for symbols, meanings, specific decks and spreads. There will be general discussion of cards as a metaphor for life journey, and of meaning and symbols as they arise in the conversation, but that is not the main focus. (Please do use the form below to ask any questions you may have.)

This class IS for you if:

  • you’d like to lay a foundation so that your own natural reading style can come forth, at your own pace.
  • you’re willing to be the student – even if you have mastery! – and have a beginner’s mind.
  • you want to develop a practice that supports you, energetically + emotionally.
  • you wish to meet your cards as the playful tools they can be!

This class is probably Not for you if:

  • You want to learn *how* to read specific cards – as in, “what is the meaning of the Fool or Sun or Moon card?” or you are seeking instruction in specific spreads or decks. (see note above)
  • You have an established practice that you’re solid with and don’t wish to alter in groundwork or foundation. If you’re actually a practicing reader, you’ve likely got everything here already in place (though it’s a good refresher or way to have new eyes, if you want that!)
  • You prefer to focus on one particular school of thought or ideology. There are as many ways and systems for using cards or any tool of inquiry as there are people to use them – this class is designed to guide to finding your own best way of that, and what works for you may not for another – and that is very much okay!

Do you have questions or comments? Drop me a note below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

Many thanks for sharing the journey – Kathleen

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