on being here, now: the drop of water and the snowflake.

{brought forward from a couple years ago, fresh and new.. a reminder that where I am now ~ is the only place I need be..}


drops of water – transitioning – their form

the single drop of water

does not in the summer say
“i must form myself into a perfect snowflake,
define my edges and my shape.”

it does not think
“i need to get myself up into the air, into a cloud – any cloud – and go there”

the snowflake that exists in the drop of water already knows

the truth of its own self
the truth of perfect – right –  timing, too..

of the convergence of elements
of the rising up of all the other drops of water,
the movement toward the place where it will be released
to float gently toward its new place on the earth.

the single snowflake does not in the winter say
“a perfect drop of water i must become..”