are you actually, oh.. negative?

the universe winks at you ;-)
you are!
I’ve got what I call my “O-Negative” theory of relationships.  It can apply to all types of relationships and friendships, but it’s especially about the one-on-ones. The luurve. ūüėČ

The theory applies to certain people.

While I’ve been seeing folks in person this spring for readings at the Festival, it’s been coming up for a lot of dear souls.  And not in an “I have a hammer so everything is a nail” way  – more in an “oh, yes, that’s me, too!” way.

If you’re one, this may come as a relief or a revelation, or both.

Here’s how it goes:

People with the O-negative blood type are universal donors, so they can give to anyone.  And they can only receive back from other O-negatives.  You may already know this part.

Now, take the concept of relating – truly, deeply connecting with another being – and look at it through this lens.  (You can see where this is going.)  In this scenario, you’re the O-negative one, and if it applies to you, you likely knew it – felt it – instantly.

The other O-negatives out there may be further apart and fewer in number, but when there’s a match?  Yes.  It’s just the right one you need.  For them, too.

Others who may not be that particular match –  who may be an A, or B, or AB, or so forth – still have so many wonderful things to share back, and there is always the fulfillment of sharing something we have to give .. in lifting others we are lifted, too.

They get to be off the hook for not having a certain ‘something’ you require.  It really is just what it is.

And you get to be off the hook, too, for wondering why you could know so much and “get” people so well, and know yourself more every day, and still not – or very rarely – be met and seen right where you are, as you are.

You get to know that this elusive conundrum is not (never was) a certain ‘something’ you needed to figure out and get right, and just.. couldn’t.

Pretty cool, huh?

I see you, oh negative one ‚̧


{special thanks to Sheryl, who helped me articulate this by listening and reflecting back about it.  A lot. ūüėČ  }

Peace of longest-night quiet.. Joy of the Sun’s return.

to all, good Solstice.  

(this, from the Touchstones:  )

XIX. The Sun.

illumination, yes ~ and also,  You as the one who illuminates.

the light that shines into corners and pushes shadows back, revealing what has been hidden.

in the physical realm ~ catalyzing light and growth.

in the unseen realm ~ a force of energy that governs movement (and orbits and gravity).

the center. certainty. (sure as the Sun!)

open ~ light ~ loving.. return of life after its absence,  return of play after rest.

always present and ever-renewing. abundant.



In March of 2014. I began writing what I came to call ‚Äútouchstones‚ÄĚ for several major arcana (trump) cards of the tarot deck I use for readings (mine is the Thoth deck, amazing and powerful stuff, that!) ¬†

Currently, this collection of writings includes ten major arcana cards and two of the Aces, with more in-the-forming. They’re my own words, one interpretation of the cards’ essences. I allow people to draw one after a reading to keep as a message for the day or a meditation on an aspect of the Self.

Please do feel free to share the text or link back to here ‚Äď as long as you include this credit:¬†
 ©Kathleen McGloin 2014 Р2016

hold the door.

“Hold the Door.”

for those who came in before me and those who came in after. 

hold the door - copyright Kathleen McGloin

You were here to greet me, coming in
and share this place with me: my family. my friend.
When it is time for you to move on again,
I’ll hold the door for you: a parting, but never an end.
I am here to greet you, coming in,
and walk you through like those before;
and when it is time for me to move on,
my family, my friend!
hold the door, please, hold the door!
thank you.”
~ with most reverent love and honor ~ Kathleen

{this piece was written in¬†2009 for the¬†anniversary of a friend’s passing, and shared privately from time to time after… there have been a more than a few very dear ones who’ve left us in recent months I’ve wished to quietly honor in this way, but this is the first I’ve shared it openly. These words came from – were a gift of – grace, and are the closest to my heart, and I still well up every time I read them. ¬†If they¬†touch you and you wish to share, please do so with my blessing; ¬†I only ask that you include this attribution: ¬†¬© 2009 Kathleen McGloin ¬† – or direct back to this page. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†}