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reassuring. nourishing and supportive. “I’ve never looked at it that way before.”  perspective. things feel “doable” again. “Well, I feel much better about that now!”

~ these are a few of the descriptions of my Intuitive / tarot readings that I hear most frequently .. and they’re exactly what I intend our sessions to be, every time.

My personal philosophy on intuitive readings is to approach in a playful, curious and receptive state. The cards are tools and messengers from Higher/Essential self (or selves – we’re talking about our personal Wisdom Council here 😉 ) and communicate on that level – which take into account the ego’s concerns and fears, without coming from them or being “in” them. It’s assistance and support and insight for the part of ourselves living this human-here-on-earth experience, with all the blessings and trials that entails.

My express intent is to recognize and hold the vision of your true, knowing highest Self (your Source) – which is always present – and reflect that back to you. This work is about supporting you in remembering who You are.

Getting little nudges and winks from the Universe to help that remembering is pretty helpful. And fun.



This is the page where you’ll find out more about the different types of readings and specific pricing. Please do use the contact form below for any-and-all questions you may have. Hop on over to the intuitive-work page to find out more about how I work and where I’ll be reading, plus info for in-person (private) readings or parties.
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Email readings  are a convenient way to do a quick check-in with the cards when you’re needing a broader view on something you’re in the middle of, and a full reading isn’t what is called for.  You’ll receive your choice of written or audio recording, and it’s convenient … No appointment necessary!  Read more + purchase …



A Phone Reading  is a supportive, deeply personal session where you get to be in your own space, showing up as your own true (essential) self – no “putting on a face for the outside world” 😉  Sessions often begin with guided breathing and visualization to help create a grounded, restful state.   Read more + set it up …


All card readings are with the Thoth deck.  Your trust is sacred to me, and so all of your personal information remains confidential and what we discuss is held in strictest confidence. 

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with gratitude, Kathleen

If you came here because of intuitive work (reading) we’ve already done together, or you’d like to inquire about it, please drop me a line below. If we met in person (at Festival, MBI Summit, or by happy-happenstance!) please tell me when and an identifying detail or two – I’ll remember you. (Details, no, maybe not – but you, yes.)  Already looking forward to talking to you again!


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