The Star
XVII. The Star.

In March of 2014.  I began writing what I came to call “Touchstones” for several major arcana cards of the tarot deck I use for readings (mine is the Thoth deck – amazing and powerful stuff, that!)   Currently, this collection of writings includes ten major arcana cards and two of the Aces, with more in-the-forming. They’re my own words, one interpretation of the cards’ essences.  I allow people to draw one after a reading to keep as a message for the day or a meditation on an aspect of the Self.

Please do feel free to share the text or link back to here – as long as you include this credit: 

 ©Kathleen McGloin 2014 – 2018

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XXI. UNIVERSE. The Universe.

The Universe. the journey, full circle!
XXI The Universe

Full circle. Completion of the Fool’s journey.
the knowing that all was already present –
existing all-at-once.
return from “the great forgetting” to
“the great remembering”.
completeness, wholeness.
ALL is part of the Universe. ALL is Sacred.
sorrows have transformed into joys of Be-ing.
new journeys to anticipate ~ next level!
the Fool has transformed, and yet remains the wisest –
child-of-the-Universe –
for the Fool knows the journey begins again.
all is well, all is as it should be.
{see also: square four, baby!}

The Chariot

 VII. CHARIOT. The Chariot.

all is readiness. preparation is done, time is at hand.
eyes are closed, meditative posture,
the Wheel of Fortune spins to a stop, giving direction.
all that is on the Wheel has been placed there
by You – even if from a time + place unremembered.
this is advanced work, with willingness and intent;
“armed and armored” with all necessary tools and
boundaries in place,
freedom of movement in all directions.
swift + sustainable momentum once in motion.
{The Chariot can also indicate You as an
Instrument of the Universe by agreement, though the
knowing of how or why comes after… always, after!}

The Hermit. light within.

IX. HERMIT. The Hermit.

though to the world may appear to be one who ‘hides’ ~
in truth, there is an intentional,
sacred + protected space around you.
attention directed inward… carrying the lantern
to see the inner depths.
a solitary + necessary journey, from which
you bring back to ‘waking life’ all that is needed.
this is *for* you..
holding the light for yourself first,
makes it possible to hold for others.
this is Meditation.
stillness. in center. labyrinth within.

Ace of Cups ~ flow ~
Ace of Cups ~ flow ~

Ace of Cups.

~ flow ~

(aces are potential not-yet-manifest. new beginnings.)
Cups: the Water element.
the realm of feeling, emotion, empathy and intuition.
emotional well-being.
Divine Love, sacred love, One-ness.
“ I Am That.”
all that flows through you to others touches you first.
the Divine’s joyous gratitude + love for You.
creation as an act of love.


The Moon. "reflector of light, shifter of tides"
XVIII. The Moon. reflector of light, shifter of tides.

XVIII. MOON. The Moon.

reflector of light, shifter of tides.
esoterica, you are the mysteries, traveling into shadows
to discover treasures long held,
awaiting your arrival.
dreams, subconscious, hopes-and-fears.
an initiate into sacred rites uniquely your own.
following a trail left by those who’ve gone before –
you can see now your eyes have adjusted
to a different – reflected – light.
willingness to see into Shadow, walk through
discomfort.. you know it is the way to the next,
to the other side. linger if you wish, for
the light *always* returns. tide always shifts.
move with Awareness – this is a chosen journey!

we are, all of us, the magical Fool!
we are, all of us, the magical Fool!

 O. FOOL. The Fool.

Forward! with only Courage + Wits about you,
the unmolded clay, the beginner’s mind.
not a “foolish” one, yet not afraid to “appear foolish”.
(what is that, but a judgment, anyway?)
wisdom of innocence and courageous-ness of one
who knows no better than to just – LEAP.
beginner of the Sacred Journey.
the leap-er and the leap-ing.
a little secret here, though: divine Fool, you are the
protected and chosen child-of-the-Universe,
Wise One in disguise. speaks truth to power.
master willing to be student.. again, again, again.

The Star
XVII. The Star.

XVII. STAR. The Star.

“shine, Shine On!” guide by being You.
visible to those who have the capacity
+ the wish to see you,
those who are willing to look to the sky.
Simply. Be. You.
there is Joy in the shining. all that is done with
the light you radiate will come after.
(no need to choose how your light will be used..
it will travel where it may.)
You form patterns with other Stars, to show the Way.
radiant self-knowingness.


The Sun
XIX. The Sun.

XIX. SUN. The Sun.

illumination, yes ~ and also,
You as the one who illuminates.
the light that shines into corners and pushes
shadows back, revealing what has been hidden.
in the physical realm ~ catalyzing light and growth.
in the unseen realm ~ a force of energy that
governs movement (and orbits and gravity).
the center. certainty. (sure as the Sun!)
open ~ light ~ loving.. return of life after its absence,
return of play after rest.
always present and ever-renewing. abundant.

Art. alchemy.
Art. alchemy.

 XIV. Art.

the drawing-together of elements + energies
with discernment and wisdom and curiosity,
the unknown-into-known, unformed-into-form.
pure creativity. collaboration! with yourself,
higher self, others of like or contrasting ways.
experiment. cycle back to cosmos and create, again!
“mistakes” become gold. fun in letting it be
“all wrong” before it is “so right.”
tangible artistic expression… if that’s you,
do it now, the world wants it!
(remember ~ you are part of ‘the world’!)

Wheel of Fortune.
X. Fortune

X. FORTUNE. Wheel of Fortune.

good news: this ain’t “the fates”!
You’ve got this.. it’s been in your hands all along.
(forget what you’ve been told!)
You placed all on the wheel, yourself ~
however it lands,
is a path of your choosing.
“bespoke.” (wink!) just for you.
direction.. a turning toward the as-yet-unknown.
a caveat: you may not recall putting it on there.
hope you like surprises! let them be *delicious*.


Ace of Disks ~ support ~
Ace of Disks ~ support ~

Ace of Disks.
~ support ~

(aces are potential not-yet-manifest. new beginnings.)
Disks: the Earth element.
all that is made possible by this physical realm
for you as a spiritual being – this is your playground,
your classroom.
center. grounded-ness. connection, and re-connection
after illusion of separateness.
physical and material well-being.
oneness with nature, Earth.

The Aeon.
XX. The Aeon

XX. AEON. The Aeon.

judgment becomes its purest form:
re-integration. understanding.
the sacred journey as it exists all-at-once, untouched
by the illusions of time + space.
from omniscient viewpoint, your field of vision is
~ infinity ~
this eternal knowing-ness is always with you,
has always been with you, dwelling in the center of

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