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This is the page where you’ll find out more about getting a Phone Reading and specific pricing. Please do use the contact form below for any-and-all questions you may have.
Check the Get A Reading page for an intro about readings and how I work, or hop on over to the Intuitive Work page  to find out more about when and  where I’ll be reading, plus info for in-person (private) readings or parties.

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A PHONE READING is a supportive, deeply personal session where you get to be in your own space, showing up as your own true (essential) self – no “putting on a face for the outside world” 😉  Sessions often begin with guided breathing and visualization to help create a grounded, restful state.

I will send you a picture of your cards before your reading (and during if we pull extras), so you may follow along as we go and refer to it later.  You’ll receive a link to your recording within 24 hours to listen to online or download for later.

Get in touch via the form below with

  • your name, 
  • contact info,
  • a preferred time and two alternate times,

and I’ll email you back within 24-48 hours to set up your reading time and provide your calling info and a payment link (or you can pay via Purchase buttons below.)

Most weeks I have phone reading times available mid-day through late afternoon, Tuesday-Friday (I’m in Eastern U.S. time.)  Some evening and weekend times are available – I like to accommodate my west coast folks 😉 – so please do ask.

At the present time, I intentionally do not post an online scheduler.  This way we’ll have a little back-and- forth engagement before your session which will ultimately benefit our connection and your reading in a positive way.  Thanks for understanding!  This is also when I’ll want to know your questions so I can pull your cards and send you a picture just before your scheduled reading.

Once payment is received you’ll be confirmed for your reading.  (Please note:  I do not schedule same-day readings.)


Here are the current offerings; we’ll work out the time that is best, then I’ll send you a secure payment link.  Once the monies are sent, your session is secured and you’ll receive call-in info and a grounding/centering exercise I created especially to prepare for your reading.

  • $ 30  for a one-question/subject reading, approximately 35-40 minutes.  thorough and to-the-point.

  • $ 50   *SPECIAL, through June: an in-depth one-hour-plus reading for $60.  special $50.  Because I like to keep my spring “reading season” going after the Fair – you benefit! 😉   

  • $80    for a full in-depth session, can be multiple questions or go many layers deep with a particular area you’re working on; approximately 85-90 minutes.    

**  I have reading layouts and approaches especially suited for fellow coaches and intuitives ~ perfect for an “outside view” or check-in on your own work, in progress.  Drop me a quick note below and get in touch! 🙂

All card readings are with the Thoth deck.  Your trust is sacred to me, and so all of your personal information remains confidential and what we discuss is held in strictest confidence. 

with gratitude, Kathleen

If you came here because of intuitive work (reading) we’ve already done together, or you’d like to inquire about it, please drop me a line below. If we met in person (at Festival, MBI Summit, or by happy-happenstance!) please tell me when and an identifying detail or two – I’ll remember you. (Details, no, maybe not – but you, yes.)  Already looking forward to talking to you again!