on not taking our own advice – why it may be a good sign

{{lessons learned from Reading: wisdom from life as an intuitive reader.  Everyone is my teacher.  third in a series.}}

Sooooo… as it turns out,  dear people-who-hold-space-for-and-share-insights-with-others  (intuitives, healers, coaches, just 20140314-065420.jpgdamn good listeners) ~ here’s what a regular practice of self-inquiry and personal awareness will get us sooner or later:

We’ll really hear the words of wisdom we’re imparting, just as they are being carried off on our voices.  (Or later, as we hear them played back in a recording or spoken aloud by the one who heard them first.)

And we’ll ask:

“That’s really good advice …  So why am I not using it myself?”

It can be a little squirmy, getting called out by our own work that way.

At face value, it’s a valid question.

If asked from a place outside our center, or at a time when we’re not “plugged in” to our highest self,  it can trigger a whole layer of culturally sanctioned, second-guessing guilt, or the concern of ‘being a fraud’ that can plague every conscientious practitioner [every one that I  know, anyway 😉]

“Who am I to point you in the direction of a place I’ve never been, myself?  Or to ask you to try something I have yet to try?”

Look beneath that heavy layer, though, and you’ll discover the golden truth of a more subtle and powerful practice ~ one where we are intentionally  allowing ourselves, as conduits, to deliver insights or hits of intuition that are truly for the one to whom we are giving them. One where it’s not about us in that moment, and our ego and identity are removed from the equation.

I’ve come to know it’s a really good sign when we get out of our way so completely, in the act of being the vessel or conduit of “What wants to be known,”  that we are rather unaware of what’s been said – perhaps not even remembering our words afterward.

It’s a sign that ego and the logical mind have been set aside, and we are a part of that which is All-That-Is, in the Highest Good.

But ~ sometimes there will be a message, or a feeling, that registers, that resonates, with us.   And it is meant for us, too.

Here’s the thing:  that doesn’t always mean it’s meant for us to have or use at the same time we’re sharing or receiving it. 

You know the experience of being given a special-to-you book, or of finding a meaningful talisman or other sacred object, only to put it on a shelf, not to visit again for one or five or twenty years… Until the day comes that it is exactly the right thing at the very right time.  It was only put there when it was to let you know, to plant the seeds, to give you the language..  to be the beginning. 

~~ You’ll recognize it later ~~

That we have the language to speak it  is, in itself, something important to note.

Like that book waiting on the shelf, I am certain that knowing and wisdom come through us,  summoned by and for another, to make their mark on our own deeper selves, too.. to be summoned again when it is our time for the understanding.

We are where we are on our very personal journeys and we simply cannot compare them to someone else’s.  We may be in the midst of ‘losing the way to find the way’, or awaiting a missing piece of our puzzles.  We may be having an experience that might have been missed, had we gotten it all figured out ahead and taken our fab piece of wisdom summoned for another.

That something we are seeking may come in useful to ourselves somewhere down the road, maybe a day, a week, or many years is not for us determine now.

Sometimes all that’s needed now is for us to be the Star. 

Trusting that as we shine the light that may guide – we are being guided, also.

Always.  ❤️

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