like moon, we are shadow and light at once

a special place in my heart for this one.. another in the touchstone series, and celebrating tomorrow’s new moon..

tonight we finish letting go, so that tomorrow we may welcome the new.

"reflector of light, shifter of tides"
“reflector of light, shifter of tides”

XVIII. MOON. The Moon.

reflector of light, shifter of tides.

esoterica, you are the mysteries, traveling into shadows

to discover treasures long held,

awaiting your arrival,

dreams, subconscious, hopes-and-fears,

an initiate into sacred rites uniquely your own.

following a trail left by those who’ve gone before ~

you can see now your eyes have adjusted

to a different ~ reflected ~ light.

willingness to see into Shadow, walk through

discomfort, you know it is the way to the next,

to the other side.  linger if you wish, for

the light *always* returns.  tide always shifts.

move with Awareness ~ this is a chosen journey!

another in the “touchstones series”

Please do feel free to share the text or link back to here – as long as you include this credit:

 © Kathleen McGloin 2014-2015

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