the frivolous unfolding of spring.

let us go from harsh winter’s end,
direct to fall harvest
have it all – sown and grown and ready –

wouldn’t you rather skip past the tedious waiting
for a seed planted, still hidden in the earth?

and the time,
oh, the time!
a growing thing takes.
being still. waving in the wind.
closing for the night with the moon.
gazing at,
the sun.

wouldn’t it be better to not endure the uncertainty
of every flower-before-fruit? (will it bloom? what color, what hue?)

(neither spring nor summer required)
(no frivolous time-wasting in delicious anticipation
of the next surprise unfolding)

wouldn’t you prefer to instant-same-time move
from an idea of an acorn
to the truth
of the great oak?

nah. didn’t think so!


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